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Onelist Approvals

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  • Hr System

  • CRM System

  • Financial System

  • Sharepoint

  • Workflow Platform

  • Document Management

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OneList eliminates the need to access multiple applications by consolidating all your tasks into one actionable list. OneList brings together all your workflow approval tasks from SAP, Oracle, SharePoint, K2, Nintex, and more.

OneList eliminates approval bottlenecks by providing managers with an accessible and easy to use action list that provides all the essential information to support timely and effective decision making.

Available in Outlook, as a device-independent Web App or native Mobile App, OneList is accessible anytime, anywhere.


Improve Administrative Efficiency

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Improve Business Efficiency

OneList eliminates approval bottlenecks by providing an action list that is universally accessible and quick to use.

Effective Business Decisions

OneList improves decisions by providing deep drill down on transaction details and supporting documents.

Manager Productivity

OneList enables efficient task execution by providing a tailored, consistent and easy to use interface.

Fully Secure

The security and integrity of the solution is enforced through encryption and authentication mechanisms.

Increase Compliance

Simplicity drives rapid user adoption which, in turn, drives user compliance.

Reduce Administration Load

With only one workflow interaction point to administer, IT system administration effort and cost is minimised.

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